It’s been a long time that “Mozart” karaoke club works for you and tries to satisfy its clients by more modern approach year by year. Mozart karaoke club is equipped with powerful modern sound, light systems and laser effects. The club service and atmosphere are strictly supervised by the club administration. Now Mozart karaoke it is one of the best and modern clubs in Yerevan,where you can have an unforgettable time, and get pleasure from songs and dances. Everything here is luxury and original, so that every visitor, can take worthy memories and unforgettable impressions. Our lively atmospere will make you wish to visit us again and again. Ordering DVD disks with the songs you have sung. The club is secured 24 hours by the legal security employees, and by video cameras. The main terms of the club: The entrance for men with couples only. The entrance for women is free.

Reserve a table through the site and get a discount 5% for menu